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Spray foam insulation removal is labour intensive and both types are extremely difficult to remove.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam differs from open cell because it can help support a roof structure. The reason being that when it sets closed cell spray foam is rigid, and as a result if a property’s roof is not in the best condition, the insulation can add extra support.

The reason closed cell spray foam is solid when it sets is because it contains many pockets of gas. These pockets in turn slows down the movement of heat through the foam. However, a room or loft must be well-ventilated when using closed spray foam because it forms a barrier to moisture. If not well-ventilated, condensation builds up causing all sorts of problems.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation 

Open cell spray foam on the other hand, is less dense and be compressed using nothing more than your hands. As such, open cell spray foam is not good when used to support a roof structure. Nor is the foam any good as an insulator which means you have to install a much thicker layer to achieve required results. Thicker layers are the only way you will obtain the same level of insulation provided by closed cell spray foam. But in the long-term neither are a good choice should you wish to sell or re-mortgage a property. You may find spray foam insulation removal is the most viable option.