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Spray foam insulation reduces your home’s ability to breathe causing mould and further
damage with spray foam removal being the only viable option
Over the years many companies in the UK have set up as spray foam insulation experts.
However, there is a lot of misrepresentation when it comes to this type of insulation. Several
mortgage lenders now consider properties with spray foam insulation pose a liability, whether
closed on open cell foam is used. In short, a lender may well refuse a mortgage application on
a house or other property with this type of roof insulation installed.
Owners now find their properties are worth less, or they find that potential buyers walk away
from a sale. There are solutions which includes a mortgage lender requiring a total roof refit.
Alternatively, you can opt to contact a spray foam removal company to deal with the
The Problems Spray Foam Insulation Can Cause
There are many problems linked to spray foam insulation which includes:
 Moisture builds up creating mould and mildew issues due to a lack of adhesion where
the foam is sprayed. When the spray foam is poorly applied the results include bad
odours, lack of adhesion and off-ratio spraying of the foam
 Gaps in the coverage reduces efficiency
 Incorrect thickness is applied
 Permanent odour due to the chemicals used in the spray foam being badly mixed
Spray Foam Insulation: Off-gassing Issues
Spray foam insulation can cause people to develop breathing issues as well as having other
adverse effects on their overall health and well-being. This is due to off-gassing which is the
release of chemicals into the air. That said, some fumes are a lot more toxic than many spray
foam insulation installers let on.
It could lead to the following health issues if exposure is prolonged:
 Headaches
 Respiratory disorders
 Hormone disruption
 Certain forms of cancers
In short, spray foam applications generate harmful isocyanate vapours which can lead to
sensitisation. You may suffer an allergic reaction such as:
 Watery eyes
 Itching
 Skin rashes

If your home already has spray foam insulation, you may want to consider finding a solution
to the problem. You may be wise to get in touch with experts in spray foam insulation
Re-mortgaging, Selling a Property, Buying a Property: Spray Foam Insulation Issues
If you are thinking about buying a property with spray foam insulation, you would be wise to
check with your lender first. You should check they are willing to lend you money before
going forward with an loan application.
When it comes to re-mortgaging a property, you could find lenders are not willing to consider
your application unless you deal with the problem of having spray foam insulation. Lenders
may insist on you having a new roof installed which could prove extremely costly.
Should you own a property with spray foam insulation, it could be worth contacting a
reputable spray foam removal company. This should be done before putting the property on
the market to avoid any issues with the sale.